Parents and coaches are becoming more aware of how serious concussions and brain injury can be for young athletes who play tough contact sports such as hockey and football.Recent Congressional hearings on the long term effects of head trauma among professional football players have prompted new policies on when to sideline a player- no matter what age or level- and when to delay return to the game.According to a new study noted by the American Academy of Pediatrics to be published in the October edition of Pediatrics, the number of basketball-related traumatic brain injuries jumped 70 percent between 1997 and 2007.Basketball topped the list as the sport where players were most likely to suffer injury in 2001, according to data compiled by the  National Electronic Injury Surveillance System’s list — beating out sports like football, hockey, gymnastics and soccer.For more information please visit:  http://www.raisingarizonakids.com/2010/09/news-on-hoops-and-head-injuries/