Media Award

Media Award


To recognize persons or entities for their positive promotion or enhancement of the Athletic Training profession in New Jersey.

Candidate Criteria

Not more than one award will be presented annually. The award may not be presented if there are no candidates meeting the criteria. Candidates must meet the following requirements to be nominated.

  1. Employment, full-time or part-time, as a reporter for a newspaper or magazine of either local or national circulation.
  2. Employment, full-time or part-time, as a reporter for an electronic information medium (television, radio, or internet) of local, regional, or national
  3. Evidence of quality in published manuscript, television stories/interviews, or the production of video materials concerned with of Athletic Training in New Jersey.

Application Guidelines:

  1. Any certified/licensed member of the ATSNJ can make a nomination for this award.
  2. The nominator must send a detailed curriculum vita (CV) of the candidate to the ATSNJ Public Relations Chair. The CV must contain the following:
    1. Nominee’s name and current employer.
    2. Evidence of published manuscript, television stories/interviews, or video materials.
    3. Nominee’s background information:
    4. Academic background.
    5. Professional membership.
    6. Media positions held on the state, local, or national levels.
    7. Other appropriate materials.
  3. No more than one candidate will be selected in a calendar year.
  4. The candidates CV will be judged by members of the ATSNJ Public Relations Committee relative to criteria listed under Section 2.
  5. All CV must be completed and submitted to the ATSNJ Public Relations Chair no later than January 15th. The Public Relations Committee will inform the ATSNJ Executive Council as well as the Honors and Awards Chair of the award recipient.
  6. The ATSNJ Media Award recipient will be introduced and presented with the award at the ATSNJ Annual Conference.
  7. Advertisement of the award will be issued to all forms of public media outlets in New Jersey through letters and electronic mail. The NATA News and ATSNJ Presidents Notebook will also receive this notification.
  8. The award need not be given if no candidates are deemed qualified for the award.

Award Winners