College Scholarship

College Scholarship

Scholarship Application Criteria

The Jack Weakley District Two Scholarship and the Richard Malacrea College Scholarship have been named for these 2 individuals who were champions of Athletic Training on a national level, and true friends to Athletic Trainers in the State of New Jersey.

The ATSNJ presents 2 scholarships in their name, to honor outstanding students from the ATSNJ membership, who have excelled both academically and stand out as athletic training students. The award is meant to encourage the recipients to continue his/her education toward an athletic training degree.

There can be only a maximum of 2 applications per school for the college scholarships.

The nominator must be the Program Director and a certified/ licensed member of ATSNJ.  The candidate must also be a member of ATSNJ. The candidates must also currently be attending a CAATE approved program located in the State of New Jersey.

Once the nomination is made, forms will electronically be sent to the Athletic Training Supervisor, Program Director and the nominated student.

The ATSNJ Honors and Awards Committee will screen the candidate(s) and announce its selections to the membership prior to the ATSNJ annual meeting.


To be eligible for consideration, an applicant shall:

  1. Distinguish oneself academically. Records of each student shall be judged on their semester index at the end of their most recent semester.
  2. Perform with distinction as a member of a CAATE approved Athletic Training education program located in the State of New Jersey. NOTE: The degree of the student's athletic training achievement shall be weighed at least equally with the degree of the academic performance.
  3. Signify an intention to continue academic work toward an Athletic Training degree as a full-time student and have been judged capable of this study by the program director of the CAATE approved Athletic Training education program, and the supervising Athletic Trainer. NOTE: The recipient of an ATSNJ scholarship is expected to remain enrolled in an Athletic Training program except for military service or church obligations.
  4. Signify an intention to pursue the profession of athletic training as a career.
  5. Conduct oneself in a manner which has brought credit to themselves, their institution and athletic training education program, and the ideals and objectives of American higher education.
  6. Nominations for the scholarship application closes January 15th.
  7. The completed forms and supporting documents must be submitted to the Honors and Awards Committee by February 1st.
  8. Transcripts must be uploaded by the nominee during the application process.


  1. After satisfying the above requirements, consideration shall be given to one's participation in campus activities other than academic and athletic training in which they have had an opportunity to demonstrate qualities of leadership and serve as an example to their fellow students.
  2. Assistance from other sources shall not make the candidate ineligible for an ATSNJ award.


Once the nomination form has been completed by the Program Director and  nomination has been approved, links for the application forms will be sent to the appropriate parties.  Please be sure to include the correct name and email address for each person. Winners will be notified the first week of February.