Phillip Hossler Loyalty & Commitment

Phillip Hossler Loyalty and Commitment Award

Phillip Hossler Loyalty and Commitment Award Criteria

The Phillip Hossler Loyalty and Commitment Award, recognizes deserving athletic trainer in New Jersey for their service to the athletic training profession, their setting and their communities.

This award recognizes athletic trainers who have:

  • Demonstrated a long-term commitment to their setting
  • Provided public awareness, promotion and education about the athleteic trainers role in their local communities
  • Helped establish and maintain the athletic trainers’ presence in their setting.
  • Promoted athletic training as a career-destination.
  • Exhibited a consistent and exemplary level of health care


  • ATSNJ member in good standing
  • Current NPI number with appropriate taxonomy code 
  • Current BOC certification
  • At least 75% of current job responsibility must involve primary care of athletes
  • Currently employed as a full-time head athletic trainer (or equivalent).
  • Employed at the same employer for a minimum of 10 years. 


  • The athletic trainer has made progressive and substantial improvements to his/her athletic training program.
  • The athletic trainer provides extraordinary service to local community.
  • Has attended the ATSNJ annual conference and business meeting at least once in the last 5 years


  • Nomination due by January 15th
  • Completed application due by February 1st 

Award Winners