Thank You ATSNJ Members


November 16, 2020 kicks off the first ever National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) Member Appreciation Week! This year, more than ever, ATSNJ is thankful for our members' hard work and dedication. Athletic trainers across New Jersey have taken on new responsibilities to help fight COVID-19 and ensure a safe return to physical activity.

Working with organizations to uphold national and state health guidelines, conducting daily pre-participation screenings, coordinating COVID-19 testing, and performing contact tracing are some of the new tasks asked of these healthcare providers.

Athletic Trainers are essential to a safe reopening of athletics from COVID-19!

The Athletic Trainers' Society of New Jersey (ATSNJ) would like to thank all our members for stepping-up to this challenge and keeping the physically active safe.


Audience: Athletic Trainer
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