Honors, Awards & Scholarship Nominations Open Through Jan 15

Honors and Awards Nominations Open

Nominations for the 2022 ATSNJ Honors, Awards and Scholarships are now open.


Nominations will close January 15th and all applications must be completed by February 1st.


The Victor (Vito) Recine High School Scholarship is available to those high school seniors who are pursuing a career in Athletic Training and have been accepted into a CAATE approved program. They should have also had some involvement in their schools athletic training student aide program. The nominator must be a certified/licensed member of ATSNJ.

The Jack Weakley District Two Scholarship and the Richard Malacrea College Scholarship have been named for these 2 individuals who were champions of Athletic Training on a national level, and true friends to Athletic Trainers in the State of New Jersey.

The ATSNJ presents 2 scholarships in their name, to honor outstanding students from the ATSNJ membership, who have excelled both academically and stand out as athletic training students. The award is meant to encourage the recipients to continue his/her education toward an athletic training degree.

There can be only a maximum of 2 applications per school for the college scholarships.

The nominator must be the Program Director and a certified/ licensed member of ATSNJ. The candidate must also be a member of ATSNJ. The candidates must also currently be attending a CAATE approved program located in the State of New Jersey.


Honors and Awards

Dr. Timothy Hosea Team Physician Award

This award is dedicated to the team physician who can fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Years of service as a team physician (ten year minimum)
  1. State activities such as speaking, offices held, liaison positions, and committee work
  1. Special event coverage as team physician such as all-star games, state games, Olympic games and other athletic events
  1. Education, research, and publications in the field of sports medicine and athletic training.
  1. Charitable and community involvement.


Loyalty and Commitment Award

The ATSNJ Loyalty and Commitment Award, recognizes deserving athletic trainer in New Jersey for their service to the athletic training profession, their setting and their communities.

This award recognizes athletic trainers who have:

  1. Demonstrated a long-term commitment to their setting
  1. Provided public awareness, promotion and education about the athletic trainer’s role in their local communities
  1. Helped establish and maintain the athletic trainers’ presence in their setting.
  1. Promoted athletic training as a career-destination.
  1. Exhibited a consistent and exemplary level of health care


Distinguished Service Award

  1. Nominee must have a minimum of ten years of work experience as a Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer in the State of New Jersey
  1. The majority of the criteria for this award will focus on activities pertaining to Athletic Training activities in the State of New Jersey


Hall Of Fame

  1. Nominee must have a minimum of twenty years of work experience as a Certified / Licensed Athletic Trainer in the State of New Jersey
  1. The entire career of the nominee is taken into consideration, with the largest portion of the criteria pertaining to Athletic Training activities in the State of New Jersey
  1. Nominee must have already received the ATSNJ Distinguished Service Award