Be GreAT! Spring 2022 Newsletter


Check out our interactive newsletter provided by the ATSNJ secondary school committee that includes a tribute to Phil Hossler, tips from the field, facility favs, evidenced-based bites and more! 

Produced twice a year, BE GreAT! provides strategies, solutions and solid advice to be the best AT you can be! Links are provided throughout the newsletter. You can download a sample ‘AT Talk’ to educate others about your role, learn more about evidenced-based principles, and access NATA resources.

In this issue:

  • Learn the best special tests to evaluate for a SLAP tear
  • See what products your colleagues recommend for your facility 
  • Treat bleeding injuries fast during wrestling matches with a tip from the field 
  • Get PR ideas to promote the profession in your community
  • Read about Kelli Hudson, MA, ATC in our Secondary Member Spotlight
  • Receive success advice from seasoned ATs
  • Learn life balance lessons to keep you happy and healthy

If you have suggestions for future issues please contact secondary school committee co-chair and newsletter editor Marissa Breymeier, MS, ATC

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