Youth Sports

March 26- Overhead Athletes and Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit (GIRD)

GIRD is found throwing athletes that includes baseball pitcher and football quarterback, but also in tennis and volleyball.

March 25 - Proper Nutrition for Athletes

Success in sports not only depends on training but having the proper energy to train.

March 24 - Shin Pain

As a follow up to yesterday tip of the day.  Here are some tips that may work for you as you try to avoid shin pain.

March 23 - Shin Splints vs. Stress Fractures

With spring track season now underway for over 3 weeks, in New Jersey, we thought it would be good to explain the difference between shin

March 22 - High Ankle Sprain vs. Common Ankle Sprain

"High" Ankle Sprain vs a "Common" Ankle SprainAnkle sprains are common injuries.

AT Spotlight - Dawn Maffucci

As part of National Athletic Training Month, the ATSNJ wanted to "spotlight" individuals within our membership who work in different sett

March 20 - The Missing Link for Shoulder Rehabiliation

Everyone wants to work the rotator cuff exercises, but they forget about the scapula stabilizers.

March 19 - Emergency Action Planning

Have you practiced your emergency action plans for a cardiac emergency recently?You should be preapred at all time for such an emergency,

March 18 - Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

Matters of the Heart: What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest and How Do AEDs Save Lives?What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)?Sudden cardiac arrest

March 17 - Lightning Safety

Lightning Safety for Athletics and RecreationWith the recent lightning strike incident of the the four members of the Seymour High School