Sudden Cardiac Death

LifeVest Wearable Defibrillator Saves Arizona Man From Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A Valley man who was one of the first responders to the World Trade Center on 9/11 says he nearly died in front of his son recently, but

Marlboro, NJ High School Athletic Trainer Saves the Life of a Spectator

It was just a normal Tuesday afternoon at Marlboro High School for Mark Bramble, the licensed athletic trainer for the Mustangs.

St. Joseph (FL) Senior Survives Life-Threatening Medical Condition On The Basketball Court

Megan Leitner was lying on the basketball court just a few feet away from her St. Joseph Academy teammates in early December.

Verona, Cedar Grove Athletic Trainers Reflect On New Health Focus On Sudden Cardiac Death

Local athletes have a new piece of paper to go along with the constantly growing pile of forms they must sign before participating in a h

Schools Join War on Cardiac Arrest

This past August, while in class at Roswell High School, 17-year-old Andrew Hawks suddenly felt his heart rate go up.He knew it was somet

Governor Chris Christie Signs Lifesaving Janet’s Law

Acting to safeguard the lives of New Jersey’s K-12 students, Governor Chris Christie today signed “Janet’s Law,&r

It's AED and CPR Awareness Week!

NATIONAL CPR & AED AWARENESS WEEK has begun, register and win an AED to donate to a charitable organization in your community. 

New Guidelines Seek to Prevent Death in Young Athletes

New guidelines outlining the causes and prevention of sudden death among athletes were released this week by the National Athletic Traine