Sports Safety

Female Soccer Players May Face Health Problems: Study

Intense training combined with insufficient nutrition may threaten the health of young female soccer players, suggests a new study that f

Athletic Trainers Hard at Work during New York Giants Super Bowl Run

Several respected athletic trainers and ATSNJ members have been hard at work during the New York Giants season and Super Bowl run.

Athletic Trainer Kevin Drew Feature of Emergency Preparedness Article

Emergency care preparedness and planning is vital to sports safety for athletes of all sports and and age groups.

Concussion: Carry Over in the Classroom

This is a very good article authored by ATSNJ member and Hall of Famer Phil Hossler about academic modificatiions as they relate to stude

ATSNJ Parent/High School Safety Checklist

Educating parents and coaches on how to help children avoid common sports-related injuries is a top priority for certified athletic t

"Janet's Law" Clears Senate

Janet’s Law, which would require all grades K-12 public and private schools grades to have a readily-accessible automated external defibr

How much off season training is too much?

Kids have always wanted to be like their sports idols. They mimic their batting stances, end zone dances and signature fadeaway jumpers.

The Fragile Teenage Brain

If the sport of football ever dies, it will die from the outside in.

Concussion Program a Must See

Each year, more than four million kids are playing football and endangering their brains every time they go head-to-head.