Marlboro, NJ High School Athletic Trainer Saves the Life of a Spectator

It was just a normal Tuesday afternoon at Marlboro High School for Mark Bramble, the licensed athletic trainer for the Mustangs.

Because Curlers Can Pull Muscles, Too

Among the things that a curling team would not seem to need, an official athletic trainer might rank with a beach umbrella and a maid to

Concussion Dangers on the Sochi Slopes

This year’s winter Olympics will feature plenty of death-defying feats as skiers and snowboarders speed downhill or launch into the air,

Does Your Kid Have a Concussion? Tips for Parents

I received the call when I was driving to the ski hill with my daughter. It was my eldest son:

Concussion Specialist May Begin New Era In Sochi

In another sign of the growing concern about head trauma in sports, the NHL and the U.S.

MRIs Show Micro Brain Damage After Concussion

TORONTO - Using advanced imaging techniques, researchers have detected microstructural brain damage in male and female varsity hockey pla

Newer Football Helmets Could Slash Concussion Risks, Study Suggests

Newer football helmets could cut concussion risk in half, a new study suggests.

Stephen Levin to introduce Youth Football Safety Act

Councilmember Stephen Levin is announcing that he will introduce the Youth Football Safety Act, legislation that would create new safety