Stephen Levin to introduce Youth Football Safety Act

Councilmember Stephen Levin is announcing that he will introduce the Youth Football Safety Act, legislation that would create new safety

National Athletic Trainers' Association Issues Official Statement on 'Friday Night Tykes'

The National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) has issued an official statement on Esquire Network's 'Friday Night Tykes'.

Poll: 85 Percent Of Athletes in the NFL Would Play In The Super Bowl With A Concussion

An overwhelming majority of NFL players who were polled anonymously said they would choose to play in the Super Bowl with a concussion, a

Protective Caps for Pitchers Approved by Major League Baseball

NEW YORK (AP) — Big league pitchers might feel safer on the mound this season. Major League Baseball has approved a protective cap for pi

Scientists Unveil Pitch Count For Head Injury Prevention

NEW YORK — Doctors focused on lowering risk of sports concussions and long-term head injuries introduced Hit Count, a data-driven p

St. Joseph (FL) Senior Survives Life-Threatening Medical Condition On The Basketball Court

Megan Leitner was lying on the basketball court just a few feet away from her St. Joseph Academy teammates in early December.

Lead Negotiator Facing Strong Opposition In NFL Concussion Lawsuit

One week after a federal judge refused to grant preliminary approval of the NFL concussion settlement, the lead negotiator for the player

NFL, NHL Concussion Cases Are Not The Same

Three months after the NFL agreed on a $765 million settlement with thousands of ex-players for concussion-related health problems, a gro

University of Washington Study Finds Younger Players More Likely To Suffer Concussion

There's been a lot of research on the effects of concussion in recent years, but the focus has largely been on high school and profession