AT Spotlight - Kevin Morley

As part of National Athletic Training Month, the ATSNJ wanted to "spotlight" individuals within our membership who work in different settings. We asked certain individuals to answer a few questions about themselves in order to get a glimpse of who they are as both people and professionals. Today we are "spotlighting" Kevin Morley. The answers she provided are below: Question:  When did you decide you wanted to be an AT?Answer:  I honestly don’t recall a specific date or event that pushed me toward this career.  A local Sports Medicine clinic offered a free course when I was in high school – maybe 6 or 8 sessions – of general anatomy, taping, assessment. I took that and I guess I was hooked.  Question:  How long have you been a Certified Athletic Trainer?Answer:  April 1999 Question:  Where are you currently employed and how long have you been employed there?Answer:  I’m currently the Head Athletic Trainer for the NJ Devils.  I’ve been with the Devils since 2007.  The first 6 years were with the minor league (AHL) affiliate, followed by three seasons as the Assistant AT in NJ.  I’m in my first season as the Head AT. Question:  What is your favorite part(s) of your AT setting?Answer:  I have a pretty good seat during games! Question:  Have you had any injuries or had to be on the “patient” side of rehab?Answer:  Nothing good.  Just a Bankart Repair when I was in grad school. Question:  What are some of your hobbies?Answer:  I like running trails and taking yoga classes.  I have two small kids (6 & 5 y/o), so most of our adventuring is as a family.  We love the beach, the pool, family hikes. Question:  How many states have you traveled to?Answer:  Good question.  I haven’t counted in a while but I’m guessing it’s in the 30s.  I’ve done a bunch of work with X Games and Red Bull, so those events have taken me to some cool places both domestic and international. Question:  What is your favorite place you have seen?Answer:  Seoul was pretty awesome.  We did an X Games event there several years ago.  In the NHL I’d have to say Vancouver is my favorite stop.  Question:  If you could have any meal/food what would it be?Answer:  Probably sushi. Question:  What is your favorite movie? Give us a quote!Answer:  I’m not a big movie guy.  My wife can recite National Lampoon’s Xmas Vacation from start to finish, so some of that has rubbed off on me I guess.  I throw around a Zoolander quote every once in a while.  “The files, they’re IN the computer.” Question:  Do you have a family? Husband, wife, kids, pets?Answer:  Yep, wife – Katie, kids – Hayden (6 y/o) & Andon (5 y/o).  Sadly, we lost our first born – a boxer named Copley just before Christmas.  She was a pretty legendary family dog.  Question:  What is your favorite family activity?Answer:  I can’t say anything specific.  My kids love the beach, the pool & the Crayola Factory.  Question:  What is your favorite holiday and why?Answer:  My wife’s birthday, my daughter’s birthday, my birthday & Mother’s Day are all within about 10 days, so that’s a fun time for our family.  Hockey season usually gets in the way of a really elaborate Thanksgiving, but we always get a few days at Christmas.  My wife is from a big family, so that’s one of the only times each year everyone is together.  It’s controlled chaos, but it’s a pretty special time.   The ATSNJ would like to thank Kevin for taking the time to answer the questionnaire. We take pride in all of our membership. For additional informtion on the ATSNJ, please visit us on all of our social media platforms. You can find the ATSNJ on Facebook (@NJSportSafety), on Twitter (@NJSportSafety) and on Instagram (atsnj).