March 20 - The Missing Link for Shoulder Rehabiliation

Everyone wants to work the rotator cuff exercises, but they forget about the scapula stabilizers.  The rotator cuff muscles originate from the scapula.  There are four rotator cuff muscles which are the suprascapular, teres minor, infraspinatus and subscapularis which originate from the scapula.  If the scapula stabilizers which include middle trapezius, lower trapezius, rhomboids and serratus anterior are weak or inhibited then the scapula will be positioned differently on the rib cage.  This would create a bad platform for the rotator cuff muscle to work off of.  Scapular exercises include Blackburns:  all exercise require lying with your chest on surface starting with firm surface such as table, weight bench or floor to unstable like a stability ball.  1) arm in the wide “Y” with palms down squeeze shoulder blades together lift arms even with body and hold; 2)  “Y” position with thumbs up lift as above;  3)  arm in a “T” forming 90 degree angle at the shoulder palms down lift up as above; 4)  “T” position with thumbs up lift as above; 5)  shoulder and elbow at 90 degrees each forming goal post and thumb up lift as above; and 6)  arm down by the side with palms down lift as above.  All exercise may be held for 4-6 seconds and repeated 10-15 reps.  Progress exercise with cuff weights at the wrist.There are others exercises to work the scapular stabilizer which may be utilized.