ATSNJ Member Mike Prybicien Shares Son's Experience "Aiden Prybicien: A Diabetes Story"

When Aiden was 4 years old, he began showing telltale signs of diabetes–frequent urination, complaining of thirst, some weight loss. In February 2013, we took him to our primary care physician/pediatrician and his blood sugar levels were, I think, 590 at that time. We took Aiden to the emergency room and he was admitted into the hospital for four days. It was a hard first few months, because he never got sick ... so we had a four-year-old, who, in his opinion, was never sick, and all of a sudden he’s getting eight needles a day. To say he wasn’t happy when we first brought him home would be a major understatement. Thanks to the Molly Center for Children with Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders at the Hackensack UMC, however, our family quickly adjusted.

Now in second grade, Aiden is active playing basketball and baseball. Soon after his diagnosis, he began using a pump to manage his diabetes, which eliminated the daily shots. Since Aiden’s diagnosis, the family has learned just how complex diabetes can be and how each diabetic is affected differently by the condition. When Aiden exercises in the heat, sometimes his blood sugar levels go up, and then when you get him into air conditioning, they go down. Somebody else might be the opposite...

Throughout this journey, Aiden and our family have received support from friends and family–as well as our extended family in the athletic training profession. The athletic training profession has given my family incredible support.  “People my dad knows in athletic training are awesome! They have done so many things for me and to help find a cure for diabetes,” says Aiden.

Aiden's story was also featured in the November 2015 issue of NATA News in an article titled, "Mike Prybicien: Giving a voice to diabetic student athletes" by Beth Sitzler.  That article is attached and can also be accessed by clicking here.